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Handle with caution, may bite.
A terribly shy and reserved person.
Code: 2337 - 4977 - 8046 Name: Frog
Pokèmon X name: Logan Mawile Sprite by ShiroBoshi
Please check my Art Status Stamp by Chibi-NuffieStatus Stamps by iSnowFairyPlease check my Art Status Stamp by Chibi-Nuffie

Requests - FRIENDS ONLY by iSnowFairyTrades - ON HOLD by iSnowFairy
Collabs - ON HOLD by iSnowFairyCommissions - ON HOLD by iSnowFairy
Point Commishes - ON HOLD by iSnowFairyKiribans - DON'T DO by iSnowFairy

Respect-Stamp by DinoclawsCopyright Stamp by PsychoSlaughtermanAnti-Theft Ninja Stamp by sambees
I love fanservice stamp by blackstormStamp - Mary Sues by foxleeBisexual Stamp by RavenSerpent
Monogamist Bisexual by Mare-Of-The-SeaSexuality Stamp by mymunchiesPride :Stamp: by Circe-Baka
Keep hatin' babe
(._.) ( l: ) (.-.) ( :l ) (._.)
Custom background by flowertigers

No one will never know I like Vivillon.

Vivillon-sandstorm by CreepyJellyfishVivillon-monsoon by CreepyJellyfishVivillon-modern by CreepyJellyfish
I DO NOT CARE about all your excuses and fake explanation.
Theft is theft. Closed.
Don't even comment or you'll just show your immaturity.
- - - -
Infamous thieves will be listed here.
Want a help?
Adding journals filled with other lousy thieves

Now let's see a brave one who uses an artwork as base...
 - Original
 - Stolen/not credited/not even asked
Probably underaged and steals stuff from famous people

Keeps stealing stuff, check to be sure
Guess who steal?
Guess who is a shameless thief?
Guess who steal?
Your art may be here
Click browse to stolen bases
To do list [Version 2.0]EDIT- - -
I would love you to stop complaining if the pics comes in a different way, expecially if it's a request or a custom without any specific media details.
Hope I'm still free to decide the media to use since I'm the one doing you stuff, correct?
Next time please take in count that I would NEVER do traditional stuff for free or for 5 points cause I sell it for money.
Don't complain when an artist does something up to them ideas, I think we deserve more than 0.05 cents on stuff we do.
Be respectful, thanks.
:rofl: Stuff sketched - Need to ink/trace with SAI - For people
:bulletyellow: CONTEST PRIZE - Dashingly-Distorted Request - Void, Void icon, an adoptable fullshaded and fulldetailed + Raven request
:bulletyellow: CONTEST PRIZE - OasisKohai Character request 
:bulletred: Shiva headshot for sis
:happybounce: Stuff on USB - Inked - For people
:bulletorange: AllenFrog BearTamerAllen
:bulletorange: Anthros characters Ginsuke
:bulletorange: Pony who I must

Vivillon-meadow by CreepyJellyfishVivillon-elegant by CreepyJellyfishVivillon-continental by CreepyJellyfish
My pony OCsBefore you ask, no I'm not into the show yet TuT
So I don't have the slightest idea about what's a brony, but either I don't mind if you are.
:bulletgreen: = breeding enabled
:bulletred: = breeding not allowed
Jul - :bulletred:
Pascal - :bulletgreen:
Toxic Sky - :bulletgreen:
Poisoned Star - :bulletgreen:
Tribal Wind - :bulletgreen:
Mint Berry - :bulletgreen:
Jack the Zipper - :bulletgreen:
Sunset Joker - :bulletgreen:
Despair - [Bullet; Green]
Shori - [Bullet; Green]
Blacknote Jazz - [Bullet; Red]
Dead End - [Bullet; Red]
Arctic Breeze - [Bullet; Green]
Evil Lovesong - [Bullet; Green]
Spectra Fairy - [Bullet; Green]
Foxy Stitch - [Bullet; Green]
Bloody Tr
RP finder journal.If you're interested, tell me here or move to my Skype.
Ask in a note for the contact please.
However, I'd appreciate to know you a bit before giving away my Skype so easily.

Bullet; Orange What can I do in RP Bullet; Orange

Bullet; Green Yaoi, yuri, straight RP 
Bullet; Green Putting up pairing AFTER we had some rp together, no pairings for unknowns
Bullet; Blue What I won't do in RP Bullet; Blue
Bullet; Red Smut 
Bullet; Red People who RP as "me" 
Bullet; Red Fandom characters and fandom OCs
Bullet; Red Vore 

Vivillon by CreepyJellyfishVivillon-garden by CreepyJellyfishVivillon-archipelago by CreepyJellyfish
Cheap adopts needs a home!EDIT EDIT
My adopts there has been switched to OFFER TO ADOPT.
Please check them, the minimum offert will be even lower.
Hurry up!
- - - -
Open adopts have been moved to our collab account NucleurCollabadopts:iconnucleurcollabadopts:
Please check there to see which are still open!
This journal will be updated when new adopts will be up.
THEM ALL ARE THE HELL CHEAP. If I were you, I'd take some before prices could go up.
Prices can be negotiated anyway, just don't offer art this time please.
Adoptables I can't use anymore - up to tradeAll are up for trade, everything is fine, just tell me HERE which one you like and what do you offer.
It's easy, seriously, and yeah, I'm doing this really.
Find all adopts here:
:bulletred: I don't accept literature
:bulletred: I don't accept selfy, pre made designs and makers things
:bulletred: No, these are not gifts
:bulletred: Will do a hold for a week only
:bulletred: If you want more than one, art pieces will be more than one
:bulletred: I don't accept traced art and pics edits
:bulletred: No colored linearts
Simple as that.

Vivillon-marine by CreepyJellyfishVivillon-jungle by CreepyJellyfishVivillon-highplains by CreepyJellyfish
Stuff bought from peopleJust to keep track without browsing my gallery everytime, don't mind mention spam.
This is just for you to remember when rules might be slightly changed or even added, so you won't have troubles with em.
:bulletred:Deadpool115 bought a Toxis
:bulletgreen:BearTamerAllen bought a lot of stuff
:bulletpink: Chibiria bought some stuff
:bulletorange:korria1234 bought one
:bulletpurple:Jymaru bought a lot of stuff
:bulletorange:Sadistic-Lus bought a lot of stuff
Ask the frog!Ask me, it is -u-
Cause someone managed me to do it.
:bulletred: What gender are you? [Yeah I'm serious and it's even written]
Genders aren't important, stop asking it.
My phisiological gender is a thing, the supposed one is another.
:bulletorange: Why are you against the fandom?
Cause it ruins everything.
:bulletblue: Why are you so rude with people who asks for points?
Cause they should work for points, as I do.
:bulletyellow: Can you give us a photo of you?
Check my gallery.
:bulletpink: Do you have any phobia?
Agoraphobia, heights, trypophobia, chlaustrophobia, nyctophobia.
Don't ask, Google it.
:bulletgreen: Any fetish?
:bulletpurple: How do you feel with people talking about fetishism or else?
I respect everything, even if I don't share.
:bulletblack: Why all this hate toward obesity?
Cause isn't sexy.
It's a sickness, a cancer, not a fetish shit.
And I know how much it hurts.
:bulletpurple: How do you describe yourself?
Respect for respect.
Rudeness for rudeness.
I'm a m

Vivillon-ocean by CreepyJellyfishVivillon-river by CreepyJellyfishVivillon-sun by CreepyJellyfish
Pokemon X OCsCause I'm in the mood to do my OCs with a own Pokemon but I'm terribly not sure.
Will put the OC, a reference and the Pokè I'd think they could suit.
Everyone is allowed to drop an opinion, still I'm allowed to disagree LOL.
:bulletred: -> not sure about the pokè
Please note that I don't want twice the same poke.
Bjorn (2) -> Tyrantrum
Sayael -> Braixen 
Jisaku -> Trevenant 
Mina -> Chespin  :bulletred:
Izzy -> Greninja 
Justice -> Pangoro :bulletred:
Ewan (3) -> Swalot 
Sai -> Inkay  

Vivillon-tundra by CreepyJellyfishVivillon-polar by CreepyJellyfishVivillon-savannah by CreepyJellyfish

Icons collection

Point Commission Prices... by Shimmer-KittyMMD by TheArtOfNotLikingYouPokemon stamp by maxari4
CO: Icon for SociopathicFrog by TheShadowgirlsSpectra Fairy floating on cloud by Nojiko4CO: Icon for SociopathicFrog by TheShadowgirlsCO: Icon for SociopathicFrog by TheShadowgirlsFluffle Candy flying by Nojiko4CO: Icon for  SociopathicFrog 1 by TheShadowgirlsTribal Wind hopping by Nojiko4CO: Icon for  SociopathicFrog 2 by TheShadowgirlsFoxy Stitch conga by Nojiko4CO: Icon for SociopathicFrog 12 by TheShadowgirlsBloody Treats Foxy Stich conga by Nojiko4Trypophobia stranding by Nojiko4CO: Icon for SociopathicFrog 11 by TheShadowgirlsCO: Icon for SociopathicFrog 10 by TheShadowgirlsGlossophobia trotting by Nojiko4Runic Wish floating with balloons by Nojiko4CO: Icon for SociopathicFrog 9 by TheShadowgirlsCO: Icon for SociopathicFrog 8 by TheShadowgirlsOcean Blaze trotting by Nojiko4CO: Icon for SociopathicFrog 7 by TheShadowgirlsBloody Treats conga by Nojiko4CO: Icon for  SociopathicFrog 3 by TheShadowgirlsCO: Icon for SociopathicFrog 4 by TheShadowgirlsCO: Icon for SociopathicFrog 5 by TheShadowgirlsCO: Icon for SociopathicFrog 6 by TheShadowgirlsArctic Breeze sleeping by Nojiko4Dead End trotting by Nojiko4Evil Lovesong trotting by Nojiko4Icon Commission for SociopathicFrog by Minory-CupidPoisened Star trotting by Nojiko4IC Sociopathicfrog by Sadistic-LusCOMMISSION - Vic by 8XELFrug Icon by DarkFlame11Blacknote Jazz clapping by Nojiko4Ligthning Thief standing by Nojiko4Topaz trotting by Nojiko4New Style Icons #1 by blackbettyesCM: Hachi Icon by LilithinaJulia Icon Pixel by YukiMiyasawaIcon prize for Bikerfan92 by Sadistic-LusShiro Pixel Icon by YukiMiyasawaPC Bikerfan92 by Sadistic-LusContest entry Eya icon by Sadistic-LusIcon commission Andrew the clone by Sadistic-LusAdventure icon Eya! by Sadistic-LusCommission: Pixel Artic Breeze by PegaSisters82 photo vic_by_bezobraznik-d6xdqnh_zpsb8412f59.gif photo 3_zps923e0380.gif photo allen3r_by_meirii-d6ifn14_zpsa5f90e0c.gif photo butt_by_capntwixy-d5vx34b_zps699f5056.gif photo pc_for_bikerfan92_by_laurachase-d5ynaga_zps214283d7.gif photo thingy_icon_by_fembutt-d72alq1_zps519345fc.png photo allen3_by_meirii-d6ifn1a_zps2d3ebdbf.gifSai Icon [For Froggeh] by Nami-no-HannaGift for Tilly by YoruniIcon. by OasisKohaiPony Icon for SociopathicFrog 7/7 by TheShadowgirlsPony Icon for SociopathicFrog 6/7 by TheShadowgirlsPony Icon for SociopathicFrog 5/7 by TheShadowgirlsPony Icon for SociopathicFrog 4/7 by TheShadowgirlsPony Icon for SociopathicFrog 3/7 by TheShadowgirlsPony Icon for SociopathicFrog 2/7 by TheShadowgirlsPony Icon for SociopathicFrog 1/7 by TheShadowgirlsIcon for SociopathicFrog 7/13 by TheShadowgirlsIcon for SociopathicFrog 6/13 by TheShadowgirlsIcon for SociopathicFrog 5/13 by TheShadowgirlsIcon for SociopathicFrog 4/13 by TheShadowgirlsIcon for SociopathicFrog 3/13 by TheShadowgirlsIcon for SociopathicFrog 2/13 by TheShadowgirlsIcon for SociopathicFrog 1/13 by TheShadowgirlsIcon for SociopathicFrog 13/13 by TheShadowgirlsIcon for SociopathicFrog 12/13 by TheShadowgirlsIcon for SociopathicFrog 11/13 by TheShadowgirlsIcon for SociopathicFrog 10/13 by TheShadowgirlsIcon for SociopathicFrog 8/13 by TheShadowgirlsIcon for SociopathicFrog 9/13 by TheShadowgirlsPC: SociopathicFrog by AlexisFaneIcon andrew by Vania-k


xRebelFrog has started a donation pool!
60 / 2,400
For renewing the PM, is gonna end in May ;w;
Every donation is welcome and will be featured.
Thanks :iconrubcheeksplz:
I love custom boxes too much, the page is so clear with them TAT
Many thanks for helping me!

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Apr 24, 2014
8:51 pm
Apr 24, 2014
8:02 am
Apr 24, 2014
1:43 am
Apr 24, 2014
12:37 am
Apr 23, 2014
10:57 pm

Current breedings to do:

:bulletred:Queen x Aoi Vania-k 20 :points:
Status: Button - Paid by happy-gurl
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I have a topic on the forum open, do you mind to look at it please?…


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